So Wrong it’s Right

The internets are full of inaccurate and contradictory information, and we at Homegrown Revolution don’t want to contribute to the noise which is why we must post a few corrections this morning. Please note our corrected posts on making prickly pear cactus jelly and on our tomatoes.

Also, our poll results are in and you all want more info on growing your own food! We note with some dismay the low rating of the harangue, the popularity of which is a minority view not surprisingly expressed by two friends and professional harangists, one an attorney and the other LA bike activist extraordinaire SoapBoxLA.

Homegrown Revolution will be heading up to San Francisco for a week and we’re not sure the natives up there have internet access, so we may go dark until we get back. In the meantime in honor of the folks at Elon Schoenholz photography we’ll leave you with the image above and a link to instructions on how to turn an office chair and a kid’s bike into a recumbent bike capable of powering you to your aerospace engineering job. Rumour has it that SoapBoxLA is making one of these things with a Aeron chair and a titanium road bike to ride in the controversial Pasadena peloton.

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  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog today, while looking for info on the ground cherry. I am in the last two weeks of an amazing Permaculture design certification course I am taking through the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and am excited to find your site and to hear that you are coming to SF. Have only viewed two of your posts (the ground cherry one and this one), so I don’t know if you are part of a permaculture organization or what, but will read more of your posts later. The class has taken all my energy and time and I haven’t even blogged in a couple of months.
    Looking forward to exploring your blog.
    Anna Maria

  2. Anna Maria,

    Thanks for you kind comments. We have a crop of gound cherries and you remind us we need to blog about it. I’m not sure that we’re big fans of the flavor but it’s always fun to have variety.

    And we’re big fans of permaculture–good luck with the class.

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