Preparedness Now!

SurviveLA staff attended a fabulous survival salon hosted by the Process Media/Feral House revolutionaries to promote Aton Edwards hip new book Preparedness Now!

Aton’s informative and well designed book is a fresh look at a subject that is usually the domain of nutcase libertarians and Mormons. Aton is neither and the book has many useful tips for us urban dwellers with chapters on shelter, transportation, self-defense, and a collection of possible disasters we should prepare for. Two things we especially liked – Aton’s advice to start biking, and his advice against running out and buying guns. Plus there is a hilarious passage recalling how he cleverly dealt with some thugs on the A train that’s worth getting the book for.

And while we’re in the pluggin’ mood, check out a little feature on the SurviveLA parkway survival garden on the Preparedness Now! blog.

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  1. Its always better to have a gun and never need it, Then need one and not have it.

    Ive done 24 yrs in The Army all Rangers. Screw the manuals, best gun you can have, which is incedentally cheap as dirt, Is a plain old Chinese sks. Always works, safety right by the trigger,easy to use.low maintenance. I love the ideas posted on here for compost.
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  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the gun advice–more on the SKS here: Years ago Mr. SurviveLA (now Homegrown Evolution) used to edit police training videos. What we learned from that, and from meeting lots of police officers, is that if you own a gun you need training–more than just on a shooting range. With your many years with the Rangers, you have that experience (and thanks for that service, by the way). Aton makes the point in his book that if you don’t know what you are doing you can make a bad situation worse or have that gun taken away from you in a struggle. Neither of us are anti-gun–we’re pro-training.

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