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  1. For me its when my cat chases after birds in the yard but tends to let them go (I’ve never seen a dead bird here abouts brought by her), but does pounce and kills mice and sometimes smaller rats that i’ve witnessed (i guess she hates rodents).

    Congratz to Mayor Bass by the way.

    And I hope homelessness is her priority.

    Here’s what i recently learned reading up on the homeless issue for this election. I favored Curoso’s plan but feel more comfortable with Bass’s compassionate approach.

    1. Homelessness became a scourge only recently for the regular citizenry and that was around 2006 when LAPD Chief Bratton lost his Skid Row clean up to ACLU, effectively “legalizing” homelessness.

    2. There are in fact plenty of beds and shelters available in the desert now, thanks to all the measures passed, but its the homeless themself refusing to move, and local gov’t acquiesing to this refusal.

    Fix 1 and 2, and you can fix the homeless crisis. IMHO.

    What’s homelessness like in the UK and how is it tackled?

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