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  1. So, why has the window failed? There may be a few questionable installation issues and it is not particularly beautiful, but it has not failed…yet!

    • Maybe I should say window moulding fail? They took out what was probably a nice old window and put in a cheap one and painted fake moulding.

    • I should have noticed that! Once I zoomed into the picture, I saw that what I thought was trim was, as you said, just a painted strip. No trim, no flashing, nothing! Let’s just hope that the wide eaves prevent water from running behind the top edge of the window and rotting the framing.

      Also of concern is where the wall shingles join what may be a porch roof. No flashing there either and the shingles seem to be rotting.

      Sigh! Why do people take a building that has worked well for ~100 years and try to make “improvements” that will last, at most, for five years before failing and probably seriously damaging the original building.

    • Our neighborhood is mostly 100 year old bungalows that, because it’s a fashionable neighborhood in Los Angeles are worth obscene amounts of money. Most houses here have been remodeled, badly, many, many times. There’s almost nothing left of their original character. We’re now seeing a wave of really misguided house flipping.

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