Weekend Linkages: May Day Edition

Billy Bragg sings the Internationale

William Morris How I Became a Socialist

Vision zero is going well here in LA

Riding a bike in American should not be this dangerous

Texas Plans to Punish Companies That Move Away From Fossil Fuels

Buckets and Hydroponic Baskets for Growing Summer Veggies

I’m for more caftans

The right kind of worker (a podcast episode for your May Day)

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  1. It amazes me that 127 years later, very little of the ideals of international worker has been realized in modern north america.
    Maybe I’m just naive, but come on people!! The world can be so much better than what we witness today! Fear, greed, avarice, gluttony… all the vices warned about in ancient times haunts us today!

  2. Garnet Rogers song:
    “Election Night: North Dakota” (referring to the 1984 election–“four more years”)
    The song is difficult to locate. I found it on Bandcamp.
    Highly recommend.

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