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  1. Had to google that address in the photo because I’m from DFW and I had to know what was there now—looks like it’s a parking lot now! Seems appropriate.

  2. Yup! My relatives in northern Indiana, in the 1950s and 60s, had a pre-WW2 house with a toilet in the basement, out in the open, quite similar to the one shown in the photo.
    Not far from the toilet was a large, creepy-looking (to me, anyway) coal furnace that had been converted to heating oil.

  3. Collecting dog poop was quite lucrative work in Victorian London. For some reason, the poop was called “pure” and “pure finders” made a reasonable living from collecting it. Not sure what they told people at parties when the discussion turned to jobs. Probably told them they were lawyers!

  4. I didn’t realize kaftans for American men were so popular, I guess. Or maybe they never were and that’s why I don’t know. I love the vibe of those ads though. 😉

    I’ve never seen a lone basement toilet. How curious!

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