Weekend Linkages: Perfection Salad

Strange Zillow listing of the week

Frank Sinatra’s Chatsworth Home Listed For $21.5M (It’s actually kinda nice)

Cat on a hot satellite dish: Elon Musk’s Starlink antenna hits surprise problem

Climate change, rising temperatures will lead to rise in kidney stones – study

Vision Zero failure: 18 bike riders killed in Los Angeles in 2021

Gas stoves and indoor air quality

There is No Red Pill

Hacked Prius Running on MUNI Power Lines (spoiler: this is one of the best April Fools day jokes ever)

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  1. Who doesn’t need a moat?!?! SMH. That’s nuts.

    I like the scientific approach to the author’s gas stove pollution skepticism. How reasonable! And interesting.

    As a cyclist I’m always piqued by your bike-related news. It always makes me realize how “lucky” I am to have such a relatively safe commute. Everyone should!

    One of my other blogfriends forwarded me that cats on satellites article last week–oh, cats! I like their style.

    That salad looks to be the opposite of perfection.

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