Weekend Linkages: Fall Fig Leaf

Homemade Harissa Sauce

Fascine Mattresses: Basketry Gone Wild

A timeline of Food (via Recomendo newsletter)

Saturday afternoon Ikea trip simulator

Just in case you need a centaur costume

Art, Hoax, and Provocation

The quiet, monochromatic urban landscapes of Russian painter Vladimir Shinkarev

In dystopia news . . .

Against artsploitation

That strange 1990s swing revival thing

An interactive world music map (via Recomendo newsletter)

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    • Yeah! That was awesome. I’m still jammin’ tunes from around the world as I type! So cool–the different times, speeds, etc. One of the best things I’ve seen on the internet lately.

  1. I was surprised by the chronology in some of those food innovations. That was neat. Also, I love the Internet Archive. So many great ol’ books to be enjoyed! Those retro cookbooks are a trip. There is so much assumed knowledge, versus modern ones that spell out every tiny detail–with pictures!

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