Saturday Linkages: Soon There’ll Be Thunder

Our late dog Spike on the Bonneville Salt Flats October 2001.

The hidden climate costs of America’s free parking spaces

Biden’s $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Hastens Beacons For Bicyclists And Pedestrians Enabling Detection By Connected Cars [editor’s note: I’m not happy about this idea]

The Real Reason Facebook Changed Its Name

‘Wondrous and amazing’: female California condors can reproduce without males

Edith Wharton’s Hauntology

Want to build some brick projects for your garden? This is a great YouTube channel on brick laying

Music break: some trippy music from 1969

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  1. Re: Metaverse

    I’m very intrigued with how Patreon and NFT idea will play out.

    The experiment is now on display in Decentraland and recently in Core games ,

    Blankos Block Party too, and for more academic take look at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction lab.

    Web 3.0/Metaverse/blockchain is suppose to equal content Ownership.

    Where Web 1.0 was/is read only (like Wiki);

    Then Web 2.0 was/is read and write (Twitter, YouTube);

    Web 3.0 is you own your videos, etc. because of NFT, non-fungible (only one) token.

    The virtual aspect is an add on, and Elon Musk’s Neuralink and Synchron’s “stentrode”, plus this dude Max Hodak, makes for interesting reading.

    • re: Munger Hall UCSB

      it should be renamed date rape hall. too many hidden spaces. any dorm set up should just have one hub, where rooms and bathrooms are easily visible by all. panopticon, no hidden spaces, that’s the principle. then space maximization.

  2. What a beautiful picture of your old dog at Bonneville. It’s been a few years now, but how did his attempt at the World Canine Land Speed Record go?

  3. I think beacons for pedestrians and bicyclists is a very good idea, but it does not go far enough.

    At birth, every child should have a GPS chip embedded in their brain that communicates via satellite with a central computer system. This would allow the government to monitor everyone’s position, speed and direction at all times.

    If this chip communicated through Bluetooth with your autonomous vehicle’s control system, the government could control your vehicle and prevent it from colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians similarly equipped.

    A simple interface with municipal and utility company databases could also be used to prevent you from crashing your vehicle into utility poles and street furniture.

    A minor extension of the embedded chip could give the government full control of your nervous and muscular systems so they could prevent you from doing stupid things like walking into fixed objects or stepping off the curb into the path of large, autonomous trucks. A small enhancement to this would allow them to filter all signals from your sensory organs to prevent you from seeing, hearing, smelling or otherwise sensing things that might upset you.

    Or you could just use your eyes and ears to be aware of your surroundings, concentrate on what you are doing and try to avoid doing dumb stuff. Naaah, that would never work!

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