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  1. If you are planning to use a commercial CO2 tank to supply your SodaStream appliance, please make sure that you use food grade CO2, not just something you’ve picked up from the local welding supply shop. This point was brought out in the comments to the article but bears repeating.

  2. My only experience with mochi is with the refrigerated slabs of mochi that are intended to be cut into squares and baked. I enjoy it, but I have also come to avoid it, due to its sticky texture, even after baking, as directed. As someone with a number of crowns in my mouth, I have learned to avoid sticky foods that may dislodge those crowns.
    Perhaps other forms of mochi would not present this problem.

  3. I want to send that true crime piece to so.many.people. in my life.

    Thanks for the mochi smile. I will chew diligently!

    My best friend lived in a very, very small house for a few years. The bathroom and the kitchen were the same room and there was an archway into their living room (which had an open loft sleeping space above). It was interesting. It is the small scale version of that open floor plan poop. I sent her the link, as I knew she’d appreciate it.

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