Weekend Linkages: 217 Vacuum Cleaners

Spotted on a dog walk. FYI, I think it’s a joke.

Long Twitter thread on cats that hide inside of furniture

I think this might be my favorite bit of opera (thank you Lee!)

My neighbor Chap does these amazing recreations of the colors of ancient statuary

Looking for a cookbook made by motorcycle clubs or clowns?

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship

Building with Mushrooms

Traditional technique of hand ironing and folding shirts

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  1. We once had a cat who crawled up into our sofa to give birth to her kittens. Not such a bad choice after all as we could hear the kittens but we never saw them until she and they decided they were ready to appear in public.

    • The reason I posted this, actually, is that a neighbor lost her cat for several days. We were all looking for the cat until it just appeared one night as our neighbor was sitting down to dinner. Apparently he had made a little nest inside the box springs of a mattress!

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