Weekend Linkages: Goblincore, Casino Bombs and Hoes

Goblincore: the fashion trend that embraces ‘chaos, dirt and mud’

Drivers for Elon Musk’s Loop get a script about their ‘great leader’

Enter the Dragnet

FBI Artifact of the Month: Harvey’s Casino Bomb (Via Mark Frauenfelder)

How many years until we must act on climate? Zero, say these climate thinkers

Facebook cracks down on discussing ‘hoes’ in gardening group

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  1. If at all possible I would like to purchase the pumping components to your Little Tokyo Aquaponics Setup. I was a High School Biology and Earth Space Science Teacher and my pump components was stolen by some “misguided” children. If you don’t have them to sell, please let me know these components to buy on my own. At this current juncture I only have a the Garden holding and extension to connect to aquarium. No pumps. no timer. no tubing. I have forgotten all the other parts I can’t remember if the aeration came with or I purchased it separately. At the very least could you please provide me with the name and model of the components as well as some pictures. I will as a last-ditch effort try to jury rig it together with help from associates at my local Home Depot.

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