Weekend Linkages: Batsquatch!

Don’t like roosters and cow mess? Don’t come here, Spanish village tells tourists

The FDA Is Begging You Not to Take Horse Dewormer for Covid-19

The Fast Furniture Problem

Antiwar Sentiment in the Military Is Stronger Than Ever

The Many Deaths of Neoliberalism

900-Page Pre-Pantone Guide to Color from 1692: A Complete High-Resolution Digital Scan

Yes, I transformed my only closet into an office

Radio Transmissions From Police Helicopter’s Chase Of Bizarre Craft Over Tucson Add To Mystery

Batsquatch of Mount St. Helens

What’s safe to do during summer’s Covid surge? Public health experts talk about their own plans

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  1. I was interested in the Batsquatch article until I read about the streaming service that is hosting it.

  2. I was going to read the batsquatch article too, but it presented me with a pop-up inviting me to click a button to disable my ad blocker. I don’t have an ad blocker and certainly was not going to click strange buttons on a suspicious web site. I guess I’ll just have to Google “batsquatch” to find out what the heck it is.

    • Hey Cindy and Peter–link is legit. It’s the Oregonian newspaper which, apparently, doesn’t allow ad blocking.

  3. You might want to do some research into Ivermectin. It was developed and has been used to treat malaria and River blindness in humans for 40 years in Africa. It is a secondary or repurposed use drug with anti viral and anti inflammatory properties that is highly successful in the treatment of COVID-19. It is unfortunate that our health leaders are not looking at all viable options and people feel the need to use such medicines without good directions. Search for Eric Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory on the internet for more information.

    • Yup, I’m personally holding out for Novavax, non mRNA. Also of note is this fella…

      “Our quest to understand religion in the time of COVID-19 brings us to the virtual doorsteps of this man of faith and science. Austriaco, a Filipino-American priest and professor at Providence College in the United States, is working double time to help one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19: his native Philippines.

      Austriaco, who is also a research fellow at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Philippines, saw in vaccines an opportunity to serve the poor as a priest. Austriaco is developing a yeast-based COVID-19 vaccine to help the country’s poorest communities.” — from new dot providence dot edu


      “Novavax Inc. said it would delay seeking U.S. emergency authorization for its Covid-19 vaccine until the fourth quarter as it works to complete the manufacturing portion of its application.

      “The manufacturing part has been the most work that we have to do,” Stanley Erck, Novavax chief executive, said in an interview Thursday. “Hopefully October for the FDA, but we don’t have a date picked.” –from WSJ

      How does the Novavax vaccine work?

      The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine contains a protein (made using moth cells) plus an adjuvant (made from tree bark). An adjuvant is an ingredient added to boost a person’s immune response, creating higher levels of antibodies.

      The Novavax vaccine uses a telltale piece of the coronavirus: the notorious spike protein. All alone, the spike protein is harmless and can’t cause COVID-19. When your immune system encounters the lonely spike protein, it produces antibodies against it. This gives you protection against future COVID-19 infection.

      “Unlike mRNA vaccines, the spike protein is already premade in the Novavax vaccine. It’s a shortcut,” explains Dr. Florescu. “All the synthesis happens outside the body and we just give the end product: the spike protein.”

    • By “holding out” I hope that you don’t mean that you’re unvaccinated right now. I don’t know what part of the world you’re in but the Delta variant is spreading like crazy all over the U.S. The current vaccines are safe and effective. I’m in the Pfizer clinical trial myself and have personally witnessed how the trial worked. For your sake and those around you please consider getting a vaccine if one is available where you are.

    • Mea culpa. Brett Weinstein, not Eric. Brett is a former Evergreen State College professor of Evolutionary Biology. Dr. Pierre Kory is an emergency room doctor.

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