Weekend Linkages: Floored

City, Suburb, Server Farm: the Urban Geography of Amazon

A private bar where you can drink, hug, and ditch masks? Welcome to Risky Business in North Hollywood

Crime App Citizen is Driving a Security Car Around L.A. and Won’t Say Why

Build your own bamboo dome-like structure with giant grass’s zome building kit

Why are our cities built for 6ft-tall men? The female architects who fought back

Narrative Napalm Malcolm Gladwell’s apologia for American butchery

Goodwill stores have a message: Please stop donating trash

The US government should buy the Greyhound bus company. Hear me out

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  1. Oh yes! We had that linoleum. Might have been the same color. I still encounter it every so often in older homes.

    The bamboo not-dome is amazing and tempting.

  2. As a six-foot-tall woman, I’m a little grumbly about all the kitchens designed for five-foot-six midgettes… The only thing worse than a standard height countertop is an extra-deep sink and a low-hanging chandelier. OH, my aching back and head!

  3. You know if any in the Urban Homesteading movement is using Bitcoin (et al)?

    Not the exchanges, but actual Peer-to-Peer use, like using Trezor or like at BitcoinBeach (twitter).

    Not speculation, but Main Street use of crypto-currency.

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