Let’s Just Call it Sunday Linkages Until My Schedule Changes

Mars Sucks

The pole vaulting shepherds of the Canary Islands

If you’d like to live in a giant Taco Bell and have $6,000,000 laying around this house is for you

A 1,000 year blue dye mystery solved

Kid, I blew up the honey: fallout from nuclear bomb tests detected in US pots

Gender reveal party host turns himself in to police; nearby residents complain of dirty water and a damaged foundation

Best Twitter thread of the week

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  1. Maybe if all Taco Bells had a sauna I’d finally have a reason to go!! 🙂 Ha! That was a great caption.

    Also, can the whole “Gender Reveal Party” thing just go away already…

    Mars sucks!! But the real winner for me this week was the shepherd! That is so cool. I have two shepherds in my life and I’ll have to share it with them, especially my friend who has an unusual heritage breed of sheep (of which there are only like 5,000 left worldwide). She’d get a kick out of seeing such a rare practice.

    Thanks, as always, and have a great week, Erik.

  2. I was just reading “Fortune is a River” which was the book read by Baron Zemo in Falcon & the Winter Soldier (pretty good, could have been better).

    But Googling about Da Vinci and Amerigo Vespucci’s friendship in Florence was also enlightening, the book is about Da Vinci and Machiavelli working together attempting to control the Arno river, i’m sure lots of lessons their for the L.A. river.

    Alas it failed, and the research is only nominal, but the writer points out to the two distancing themselves from each other, due to being outcasts, on the run pretty much.

    Google Leonardo’s world map, to see the result of his and Vespucci’s collab.

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