Saturday Linkages: That Hauntological Feeling

Sprawl made Los Angeles’ pandemic problem worse, not better

Exploring the Abandoned Spaces of the Internet

Fry’s Electronics is shutting its doors for good

What would it be like to live in an abandoned mall? Donate to my Patreon and we’ll move here

If you like mannequins you’ll love this real estate listing

Vertical Farming Does Not Save Space

Despite cool and occasionally unsettled conditions in NorCal, unusually dry conditions to persist into March

A heartbreaking but important reminder of the cost of this epidemic

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  1. I’ve always wondered about the “hidden” costs of indoor and vertical agriculture. That was a good one. The one about the child COVID deaths was a heartbreaker. I was intrigued by the link about mannikins, but, alas, it says it is a dead link now. I’m sure it can’t be more horrifying than what I imagined though. 😉

    For a year or two my pals have been joking about starting a commune. I think a dead mall might be the ticket. Or our worst nightmare. I can’t decide.

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