Saturday Linkages: The King’s Hand

Tsunami Warnings, Written in Stone

What Is Metabolic Rift? The Ecosocialist idea you’ve never heard of and might need

Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors

How Previous Epidemics Impacted Home Design

Luxury Sneaker Markets Are a Preview of Capitalist Dystopia

Farmers Reject Biden’s Pro-Corporate Rural Advisers

Out in the wild: how Ken Layne created an alternative to clickbait in the desert

Playing God: I sold my wife’s clothes to build a Christmas village in my parents’ basement

I had a dream where there was a food called “King’s Hand”, a hollow hand made of m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad. I could not stop thinking about it. Here is the culmination of a week long effort.

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  1. A story on how prior pandemics impacted home design is incomplete without discussing the 1918 flu and giant steam heat radiators! (I’m eyeing one of mine right now) For homes with steam heat, plumbers started to size radiators large enough to heat homes and leave windows open in the winter, as people understood fresh air to help prevent the disease. Decades later we still have these hulking cast iron beasts in thousands of buildings across NYC and elsewhere. It’s love-hate for me- in a smaller apartment, things can be a game of inches, but I also love this enduring physical embodiment of history. One of my 4 rads has some pretty designs on it and I love that too. When you buy a new radiator today it is just plain- no scrolled vines or fleur de lis patterns.

  2. Now election has been “won”, AOC and BLM will now return to the closet. Vilsack aka Mr Monsanto as Ag Secr and a Raytheon board member as Defense Sec, are in place. Poor democrats got conned yet again. Well played corporations, well played…

  3. I loved the article on the Christmas Villages. I have so many buildings and people, trees, animals, outbuildings and no place large enough for the 500 pieces I have. I was even moved to read more of his work.

  4. What fun!

    My family started a Lego Winter Village when my grandson was born. At 10 he’s given up on Santa but still looks forward to the Village coming out and building the new addition.

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