Saturday Linkages: New Root Simple Compound?

Just in case you’re in the market for a very strange Goldfield Nevada property complete with pipe organ

If you do buy that compound you’ll want to watch this movie filmed, partly, in Goldfield

Yes, there’s a subreddit dedicated to power washing

How to Tap Less on Your Phone (but Get More Done)

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

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  1. That house definitely looks neat, I like the pump in the bathtub.

    I might need to contribute to the power washing porn reddit. Power washing is strangely satisfying, I don’t think any other type of “cleaning” activity comes close.

  2. Gilda Texter as Nude Rider from Vanishing Point was the highlight of my day. I have to watch it. Same feel as when I saw Aurore Clément in Apocalypse Now (Redux, 2001 extended version).

    As for moving somewhere quiet, I’ve got my plans for Sequim, WA. Nice barns over there. Lavender fields. etc etc…

    • Lavender i’m familiar with, but there’s this syrian plant they call شيح (pronounced SheeH, hard h at the end), of which Syrians and Lebanese have said was a type of either mugwort or wormwood, but I’ve not found the exact plant.

      I plan on growing sage too. But if that شيح can grow in Sequim, WA that would be great.

      I heard lots of good woodworking in Sequim too.

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