Saturday Linkages: Advent 3/4

Shadowbox project by Creatiedroom

George Orwell describes the ideal pub

Fit for a king: true glory of 1,000-year-old cross buried in Scottish field is revealed at last

How to watch the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

Make a Christmas shadowbox

A podcast about Arthur Machen’s weird vision of art

Watch Peter Follansbee carve a shallow relief pattern

From Instagram to Insistent Goats: Another Life After Social Media Case Study

Slavoj Žižek on the “screen new deal”

My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him

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  1. I love that shadowbox. I’m not a woodworker, but I can imagine creating something similar with just cut paper and cardboard. A project for the 12 days of Christmas, perhaps?

  2. That bar essay is clever. I like it. I basically only go to bars as they function as live music venues and that jampacked noise bomb seems about the opposite of Orwell’s dreampub, but there are a couple of our small breweries here that I love just because of the “atmosphere” of their taprooms. They’re also family friendly which–though I don’t have children–I enjoy because it really does change the whole vibe for a place to be a family affair, rather than a rowdyhouse.

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