Saturday Linkages: The Kirghiz Light’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

A Winged Figure, Abbott Handerson Thayer, 1904-1911.

Comet NEOWISE Dazzles at Dusk

What to do With Blackberries

Poll: Who always wears a mask in public—and who doesn’t?

CoronaShock and Socialism

‘Not just weeds’: how rebel botanists are using graffiti to name forgotten flora

Extreme atmospheric rivers: what will California’s strongest storms look like in a warming climate?

The Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo

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  1. Regarding the “CoronaShock and Socialism” article… their selection is a tad black-and-white, no? They skip the whole swath of the world (Canada, most of Europe, Australia/NZ, parts of LatAm and S/EAsia) that use a middle-way Social Democrat agenda to reap many of the benefits of Socialism (strong saftey net, robust public sector, science-based policy, international co-operation) while mostly avoiding the nasty loss-of-freedom side effects of, you know, Socialism…

    • While I have a more nuanced view of places like Cuba and Vietnam than the author of this piece I thought it was worthy of linking to because I don’t see the mainstream press covering these places (I was particularly interested in how the Indian state of Kerala has handled the crisis). While it’s true that social democratic countries (i.e. capitalist states with strong social safety nets) like Norway and Denmark have also done a good job, Sweden proves that its very easy to backtrack. Ultimately what I’d like to see is democratic socialism, i.e. something like the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque region of Spain–locally controlled worker owned cooperatives and a democratic, decentralized government.

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