Saturday Linkages: Juneteenth

Oakland mural by Elaine Chu and Marina Perez-Wong.

A Juneteenth of Joy and Resistance

Joe Lamp’l Rants about Mosquito Spraying Services, and 9 More Things

Here’s All the Free Online Stuff You Get With Your L.A. Library Card

How to Bribe a Los Angeles Lawmaker

Making Jam from Frozen Fruit

Ancient receipts

I’m Not Wearing a Mask

Arizona Public Media: Behind the Mask

A Brief History of Listening In on Police Radios

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  1. On cancel culture as something dangerous, especially now that statue toppling is now the norm and has arrived in L.A.

    Why not the Lindbergh beacon on top of city hall, right? Where will it stop? Mt. Rushmore anyone?

    I think Will Smith (Will Smith’s daughter) is correct. She echoes George Orwell’s 1984 about toppling statues and erasing stuff willy nilly from history.

    But also having just watched Killer Mike’s Trigger Warning (series in Netflix), focus on the first episode wherein he argues Americans, not just blacks, need to start supporting black owned businesses.

    So maybe a blog Mr. and Mrs. Homegrown on black businesses doing urban homesteading, or black businesses of similar values espoused in Root Simple but by blacks.

    I would love to support black farmers, black groceries, restaurants, etc. etc. in and around the L.A. area.


    • p.s.

      on the Junipero Serra statue being toppled, if it weren’t for the Spanish missions, much of California natives would be wiped out similar to the natives who were outside the auspices of Spanish missions during and after the Gold Rush 1849 and on.

      Northern Ca, Cascades, up and down the Sierra mountain ranges and its east, most natives there got the brunt of the end of the line of Manifest Destiny (actually Hawaii/Guam/Philippines did but that was purely the US gov’t),

      where Americans both official and citizenry annihilated California natives from the map. So Father Junipero Serra with his native abuses in comparison to what happened 1849 and on, pails in comparison. I wish people read history more.

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