Happy May Day! Boycott Amazon, Whole Foods Target and Instacart

On May 1, 1886 a coalition of American labor groups organized a general strike in support of an eight hour work day. Today, 134 years later, we can honor the memory of those who gave their lives for better working conditions by supporting Amazon, Whole Foods, Target and Instacart workers and not crossing their picket line.

Workers at these dystopian corporations are walking out during their lunch break to ask for protective equipment, hazard pay, paid sick leave, cleaning supplies and contact tracing. Chris Smalls, a former Amazon worker fired from his job for complaining about conditions tweeted, “It’s time to join up! Protect all workers at all cost we are not expandable or replaceable enough is enough TAKE THE POWER BACK!”

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  1. Is Google striking against Amazon? I searched for a book I was curious about (i like reading customer reviews). And nothing.

    You had to Google book title with the word Amazon.

  2. I’m not so much as visiting the Amazon website today. Not even to stream media. Gonna buy books from a local shop doing curbside pickup and groceries from the local natural food store.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the strike because I haven’t listened to much news lately.

    We live half a block from a Target and it used to be somewhere I stopped frequently because of its convenience and proximity but I haven’t been there since the earliest days of our sequestration. That said, I almost walked over today because my grandson’s been in the same single pair of pajamas since my ICU nurse daughter dropped him off for a safer environment all that time ago.

    My husband alerted me and I skipped the mission.

    Nevertheless, these people who make so little are keeping us viable in our little domestic bubbles and keeping what’s left of our economy limping along. If that doesn’t make clear how essential they and their work is, I don’t know what would! But how can a strike of a single day bring to basic economic decency huge uncaring corporations and oligarchs who own far too much of the world’s wealth? And how long can they or we hold out?

    Does anyone have a tutorial on making pajamas from recycled cardboard and backyard trimmings? Pathetic, but, sadly, true…

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