Saturday Linkages: Flee Past’s Ape Elf

6 Changes You May See As A Hen Ages – Hobby Farms

The Whole-Grain Grail: A Sandwich Bread With Mass Appeal

Fridges are not cool

The LED status light problem

Wuhan’s cat rescuer: the man saving pets abandoned during coronavirus outbreak

Silicon Valley Is Quietly Building Its Own Wall Street–what could go wrong?

Please don’t cut up your missal

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  1. OK, so what’s with the “Flee Past Ape Elf” thing? It seems to be a rather weird electronic music vinyl from 1979 by Orchid Spangiafora, whoever he/she/it/they may be.

    Am I missing something? Have you been hacked? Have I been hacked?

    • It’s a palindrome with a typo in it! If you have “Past’s” not “Past”, the palindrome works, as long as you ignore the apostrophe.

      However, it still makes no sense in the context of the blog. Maybe Erik just wants to stir up a stimulating conversion on the nature of palindromes and weird electronic music from the 1970’s? Let’s go for it!

    • Ha ha! Thank you for catching my typo and getting the reference. Corrected! I discovered that strange album at the age of 15 and got obsessed with it. After putting the links together I couldn’t come up with a blog headline and it just popped in my head. Maybe something to do with that cat looking in the mirror?

  2. I’ve used a 2 cu ft dorm refrigerator for the past 30. I’ve never had space problem. I also have a small 2 cu ft freezer. For one person it works. The real revelation was when I remodeled my daughter’s house and put in a 2 cu ft dorm refrigerator giving her more counter space. She insisted on have a large fridge in the basement. After about 3 months, she unplugged the basement fridge!

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