Saturday Linkages: Bad Ideas and a Few Good Ones

EPA re-approves key Roundup chemical

Hollyhock House Archive

What happened to that $100 laptop idea?

Goodbye Mars One, The Fake Mission To Mars That Fooled The World

The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time

The World’s Most Annoying Man

Car ads are bad for our cities

No Rational System Would Value Tesla at $100 Billion

‘Mindless growth’: Robust scientific case for degrowth is stronger every day

A dry (and warm, in most places) January in California

How Sustainable is a Solar Powered Website?

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  1. I would like to know if you could still get your hands on a thrysus?
    I will be dressed as Dionysus giving wine to mankind in my role as the King of our 20th annual Box of Wine parade here in New Orleans and giant fennel is impossible to find down here.
    PS. Sorry to post here but comments are long since closed to your original post on this subject. Thx.

    • Hey Brian–I love this question and wish I could be in New Orleans to experience this! Fennel grows here like a weed but I’ve long since taken it out of the yard due to its tendency to spread all over the place. I think you could find a substitute in Louisiana. Not sure what but any branch with a pine cone attached should work.

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