Saturday Linkages: It’s Caturday

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Attention US Army: Young Moki would make a fine tank operator. but it won’t be a volunteer gig.

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A kayak made from branches and tarp

FRED episode 2 – a vision of heaven

Unmasking the secret landlords buying up America

Bedouin Lifestyle – Documentary in Wadi Rum, Jordan

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  1. Fred Dibnah was a most interesting character.

    There is a whole series on YouTube about his career as a steeplejack and his interest in steam engines. If you have no head for heights, you should probably not watch the steeplejack episodes. It is definitely sphincter-tightening stuff because he used no fall protection – or any other protection at all – while working hundreds of feet in the air at the top of creaky wooden ladders that were tied off to spikes hammered into wooden plugs that he inserted into holes that he drilled by hand into the brickwork.

    He also used to have a few pints of beer at lunchtime before going back to work up there. I’d need more than a few pints of beer – general anesthetic might work!

    Obviously, this was well before the days of work safety regulations, when it was regarded as rather unmanly to take safety precautions.

    Surprisingly, he did not die from a fall. Unsurprisingly, he died from bladder cancer probably due to his heavy smoking habit as well as being exposed to soot and smoke as he worked at the tops of chimneys.

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