Saturday Tweets: Say Goodbye to 2019

Le Palais idéal. Image source: Otourly.

Facteur Cheval’s incredible endeavor, the Palais Idéal

Companion Planting: Fraud vs. Facts

Low-tech magazine is now a book!

At the Mexican Border, the Battle for Endangered Species is as Much About Water as About The Wall

Lies, Damned Lies, and Recycling

You Are Literally Working for Silicon Valley and Don’t Know It

Two young climate activists invite Pete Buttigieg to “rethink his strategy” on climate change

For Christ Was Born in a Refugee Camp

The Art of Memory

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  1. Thanks for Gary Nabhan’s article. He is one of my heros. And the article about Claremont’s nativity scene. THAT sure has given people lots of thought.
    I really enjoy reading your posts everyday. We can’t talk about some things without stepping on someone else’s feelings. And it is hard to talk about bike lanes, growing food on parkways and empty lots, bee rescue, GMO seeds, factory farming,and solar & wind power without crossing over to government regulations, and ask who is going to work for the best interests of the people. The explosion of big corps and the suffering of the little guy trying to live on 2 part time jobs needs to be addressed along WITH the issues of how to grow ones own food so as to get quality and to cut pollution. We can’t continue to stick our heads in the sand, hope everything will turn out right, and long for the good old days.
    But I really do understand that people are just plain burned out and don’t want to deal with all this drama anymore. We just want to go about our own business and say the heck with it. But to do so will endanger our future generations. So keep up the good work. Blogging has to be frustrating at times!

  2. The first link on the blog post about the outsider artist castle in France. There’s a really great documentary series from British TV with the lead singer of Pulp which is well worth checking out. They visit the castle at one point. The programme is called “journeys into the outside with Jarvis Cocker”
    Pretty sure it’s on youtube.

  3. Your link to the article about surveillance capitalism is timely for me. For a while now, I was looking for a name to describe our society’s way of life. I often feel that we were losing more and more of ourselves whenever we have to interact with the digital world. Then I came across the term surveillance capitalism last week. Now I’m in the middle of reading Shoshana Zuboff’s excellent book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. We need to have more conversations about the way capitalism is evolving to wipe out human nature.

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