A Rogue Mariner on the Upper Thames

Roger Barnes describes himself as an architect, writer and artist. But, while he promises to get around to an architectural video someday, he fills his YouTube channel with advise on sailing and camping in a small dinghy. As one of the commenters sums it up, “The more stuff you have in your boat, the less room there is for fun.” Sounds like good, general life advice.

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  1. I really enjoyed this video and especially the bit of information about Kelmscott and William Morris.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog for awhile now. I’m suggesting you take a look at https://reasonstobecheerful.world/ a blog David Byrne is involved in to use in your weekly links. It has left me with more faith in the world, government and a feeling that each of us can make our communities a better place. Much as your blog has.

  3. Reminds me a bit of Chiles Webb and his Drascombe Lugger, Chidiock Tichborne, 18 ft open boat. Sailed 20,000 miles of open ocean in 1979.

    When we cruised Bermuda and the Caribbean in our Westsail 32 we had several sayings:

    1. a small boat teaches you sail, big boats teach systems.
    2. the view of paradise is the same from every sized cockpit
    3. a small boat and a suitcase full of money beats a 40-footer tied to a Bank.

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