Saturday Linkages: And So On . . .

Chicken of the woods mushroom–more on this in a future post.

Florence Caulfield and ‘The Illustrated Needlework Book’

This might be the most 2019 thing I’ve seen

Sasquatch or Wendigo? Mysterious howls in Canadian wilderness spark confusion (Mini editorial: I think the native spirits are angry with us)

Slavoj Žižek on recycling ecology and consumerism

Bikelash’s Latest Tactics: Pedophile Smears and Conspiracy Theories

Credit Card Skimmers Evolved: Shimming

Faking it: could I go from being an introvert to an extrovert in one week?

The Actuarial Table

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  1. Have you thought about teaching classes on what us Cajuns call off the grid living.
    Have you considered alternative energy just a thought.
    Have you seen thermoenegy greenhouses added to aquaponics one is in Nebraska
    Just a thought.
    Enjoy watching y’all.

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