Saturday Linkages: New Format!

Via @NigelDunnett a stunning habitat wall in the Castle Gardens public park, Malmø, Sweden.

A Sign of Silver Lake is Gone: The Happy Foot/Sad Foot comes down via @TheEastsiderLA

The history of the train — once a symbol of capitalism, now socialism — contains lessons for nationalizing digital infrastructure by David A. Banks

Spritz Cookie Gravestone

Man Spends 30 Years Regenerating NZ Farmland into Amazing Forest

Democrats’ Climate Plans Lack Vision for City Transit

Study Finds Urban Runoff Is a Toxic Soup Containing Dozens of Pesticides and Other Industrial Chemicals

The shady politics of urban greening

Surprise dip!

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  1. Oh YES! Love the new format! So much less of a hassle to read your links. Love simplicity! Thanks!

  2. The new format is excellent–simple descriptive links leading directly to the articles in question, rather than having to pass through Twitter en route. Good change!

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