Vertical Skunks

I’m going to celebrate our labor day weekend by laboring in the wood shop and not in front of a computer. Links and posts will be back soon. In the meantime, please ponder this clip art courtesy of a local chimney cleaning concern.

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  1. Some years ago, when they were demolishing the large chimney of an old cottage in a coastal area of Cornwall, they discovered the nicely-smoked body of an 18th Century Revenue Officer hanging there. Presumably, he had been murdered by the smugglers who were very common in the area at the time.

    I wonder if he tasted like bacon?

  2. I might work on my chicken coop in much the same way, but ultimately instagram the final result.

  3. Several weeks ago, my mother had to call a plumber due to a toilet problem. The plumber found a plastic fork (?) My mother asked him if it was the strangest thing that he had ever found in a toilet.
    He said–no–that the strangest thing he had ever found was a decomposed squirrel that he had to remove in pieces, with a toilet snake.

  4. Squirrels cam down my chimney all the time. One hid in the house and made me wonder what was happening as things were out of place for a week. Other times, they bashed into windows and mirrors trying to escape.

    • Our very small cat used to bring very large gray squirrels into the house, totally uninjured, and release them for the fun of seeing us try to get them out through an open door. This could take up to an hour and involved the squirrel swinging on hanging planters and lampshades, climbing (and ripping) drapes and sheers, all the while cursing us and our cat in chittering squirrel language.

      Still, it was less problematic than trying to get raccoons or (horrors!) skunks out of the house.

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