Sweet Tweet Feat

As I mentioned in a blog post, I’m taking a break from Twitter for month so no Saturday Tweets today. I’m thinking I will bring a link feature back but without using Twitter for a few reasons:

  • Some people have trouble viewing my Twitter re-posts.
  • If Twitter ever goes out of business or I get “deplatformed” for some reason I’ll lose all the posts that I’ve put up.
  • Twitter has devolved into shouting and makes me want to shout too, so I’m going to reduce my use of it and, perhaps, only follow a few folks whose work I admire.

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of our cat Buck in his usual demented mode.

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  1. My cats had (and that’s past tense) some nice toys like the mouse that Buck has–mice, etc. that were filled with catnip. My dogs chewed up the toys, leaving behind some slimy wads of fabric. The dogs apparently liked catnip more than the cats did.

  2. I don’t do Twitter so I wouldn’t really miss your Saturday Tweets roundup if you decide to make that change. However, cat pics are always welcome, and Buck is a handsome fellow.

  3. I’m a reader who loved the links but not Twitter. I’d search the stories that interested me, so direct links would be great.

  4. Hola Mr Homegrown,
    I always enjoy the links you provide to articles, videos, etc, but I dare say, Twitter has gotten so skanky & mobby in recent years… I hope you will continue to post on Saturday about the interesting things that have caught your eye– but not necessarily on that platform. Seriously, I for one don’t want to click on anything on Twitter.
    PS That’s quite a kitty!!

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