Saturday Tweets: Return of the Oakland Monster

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  1. Any updates to some of the old home experiments, soda carbonation and so on?

    PS. great chair!

    • Hey Sean–great idea. Let me know what updates you’d like to hear. Soda carbonation has been very successful (though I need to replace or refurbish the tank soon).

  2. Trees are good! When I had yard sales, people loved being in my yard with the heavy shade of oaks, and often complimented my yard. They came from yard sales held on concrete driveways and yards devoid of trees. Plus, I have white gravel on the driveway.

    when my friend comes up once a week, sometimes we get a fat food meal and go to trees we call our picnic trees. Often others have sought out the same three trees. So, we go to a park. We love trees.

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