Saturday Tweets: Yuri Gagarin Pesach KonMari, Stick Shifting and a Procedurally Generated Infinite CVS Receipt

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    • Hey Carl, I’m very sorry to say that I donated it to a local thrift shop a few years ago. I would have happily sent it to you. Would love to hear more about your dad.

  1. Absolutely true about stick shifts, although with some practice snacking is still possible. It’s also possible to deal with unruly children in the back seat while driving a stick. I know.

    We always had standard cars, but living in the boondocks protected us from the major aggravation with a stick shift: stop-and-go traffic. We learned about this while stuck on a highway in Connecticut which was slowed by a traffic accident. By the time we’d crept through the mile-long backup at 2 or 3mph, my husband’s clutch leg was sore and crampy. When the time came to replace that 19-year-old vehicle we bought a Subaru with automatic transmission (don’t think standards are even available on an Outback) primarily for its excellent handling on snowy roads. After the last few winters it’s proved itself a good choice.

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