Bottom-up Urbanism

In another great video from Fair Companies, Johnny Sanphillippo gives a tour of his Sonoma County rental property. Johnny describes himself as a “rodent who scurries about finding the opportunities other don’t recognize.” A lot of the things he talks about in the video are things we’ve done in our own very small Los Angeles house, such as adding sheds and making the garage space usable, all strategies for getting by on the expensive West Coast. The video even includes a bonus visit to a Murphy bed manufacturer.

You can follow Johnny on his blog Granola Shotgun and hear him talk more about his rental property on episode 120 of our podcast.

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  1. I’d like the name of the murphy bed manufacturer. The sign says Unique Murphy Beds, but Google can’t find them.


    They aren’t cheap, but they’re very well made. They say their best advertisers are Ikea and Target since people buy crappy low end furniture that falls apart. Quality costs extra. For me the trade off is the cost of a home renovation vs the cost of more functional furniture to make existing space work better.

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