Happy Mousegiving

Let it be known that the Root Simple cat team, most often seen snoozing, scored a small victory in the war on mice last night. The video above represents a simulation of what happened sometime in the early hours of Black Friday eve.

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  1. What good kids! Mine are earning their keep by catching the insects trying to sneak under the doors at night. (Can’t believe what delicacies they eat! Ick!)

  2. I have never seen a one-second video! Simulation? You mean that was not a real mouse? My two-doors-down neighbor’s cat loves my yard for hunting ground squirrels. The funny thing is the cat leaves the catch on the next door neighbor’s doorstep.

  3. My Purrl puss has been bringing me the odd verminous present recently. Or leaving disembowelled bodies on the back doorstep. Good kitty but icky.
    Claire in Melbourne

  4. My two cats don’t usually get along. But, they do cooperate well when doing a stakeout on the rare occasions when they see a mouse run under a piece of furniture. They will wait for hours, stationed on either side of a dresser. I would not want to be that mouse.

  5. Our Betty recently presented us with the first mouse she’s caught during her time with us (she still isn’t talking about what she may have done in her pre-Humane Association life). She placed it neatly on the living room rug, where I almost stepped on it in the dark at 5 am. We attempted to reward her with lavish praise and extra cat food–but none of this availed when she saw me put on a rubber glove, pick up the mouse, and drop it in a trash bag. I still don’t think she’s forgiven me. (“Hoomin Mom!! WTF?? You were supposed to eat that!”)

  6. Ha! You are too funny. I love it.

    Our rental had such terrible mice…and a landlord who would do nothing about it nor let us get a cat.

    Our home now came with an active population of voles which Ginger keeps in check singlehandedly. She leaves the birds alone, thank heavens. Johnny, she’s very content with her fauxmice…

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