122 Artist, Gardener and Activist Renee Garner

Image: Renee Garner.

There’s a struggle in cities, around the world, to make streets safer for everyone, especially our children and elders. One hundred years of car-centric planning has created cities and suburbs that are ugly and dangerous. Renee Garner is fighting a plan to turn the road in front of her home in Matthews, North Carolina into what would be, in effect, a multi-lane freeway. During our conversation we talk about her activism and what happened when a local reporter uncovered a trove of mean spirited text messages about her from the (now former) mayor. In addition to her efforts to stop the John Street widening project, Renee is an artist, illustrator and avid permaculturalist. You can find Renee’s website at renee-garner.com. Check out her amazing illustrations here.

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  1. The road in front of my mother’s house was not widened but the traffic was so horrific after parking was eliminated and turned into a six lane road. What made it worse was that it grew worse as they aged.

  2. Renee is awesome. She is a fighter for our wonderful little Town of Matthews!

  3. I’m glad my comment about Renee here on Root Simple made enough of an impression for her to be on the podcast! She’s an amazing person! I only wish I knew her IRL and not solely online!

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