Saturday Linkages: Beetle Party, Floating Homes and Cilantro

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  1. You put together a really fabulous collections of links this weekend. I kept sharing them with friends while reading, especially the Japanese truck bed gardens. They’re like something from a gentler, more beautiful alternate reality.

  2. So, I think the argument by AutonomousLaw is incorrect. There’s many people, such as myself, who can, by using TNCs, keep a car lite lifestyle where they would otherwise have to own a car or not own a car. By using Lyft, I can do most of my trips by bike, and the take Lyft when I need to go further. This is in fact what I do. And a few times, when I have been injured or sick, I take Lyft to work, but most of the time I bike.

    This means I can choose a low driving lifestyle, lose the car, and save a bunch of money. In the process, I add a barrier to driving = not owning a car. And every time I do use Lyft, I see clearly the cost of my transportation. So it clarifies and aligns incentives in such a way that I am much more choosy about how often I use a car to get places.

    • (to be fair, my SO has a car and I use it for grocery trips and to get to trailheads, but the premise still holds = my mileage is less than it would be if I was paying a bunch of money each month to keep a car)

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