Floor and Blog Update

The kitchen floor is done and looks spectacular. The floor installers were detail oriented and did a much better job than I did fifteen years ago. Kelly and I will be spending the next few days patching, plastering and painting the kitchen walls. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can which leads to the next programming note. The computer from which these blog missives concretize has passed this veil of tears. Burnt offerings will be put forward later today before the Apple store alter in an attempt to resurrect my ancient iMac and return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Good for you for knowing when using professionals in the better part of valor!

    I wrestled a mere 6’x8′ remnant of linoleum for the floor of my chicken coop. The results could best be described as “pathetic”. …tho the chickens don’t seem to mind. But that small piece was really, REALLY heavy. And even a simple square shape was a nightmare to handle in the heat of last summer when those triple-digit temps might have made it a bit more flexible and forgiving.

    I’m sure you’ve made the right choice and you’ll have a lifetime admire the skills of the installers along side your own skills displayed in the dovetailed drawers!

  2. Glad to hear that the floor turned out well!

    My condolences on the death of your computer. I had to replace mine recently because my old, dependable “Mac”, with whom I have shared so much, fell victim to an ill-placed glass of iced tea. The real pain was when I saw the prices of new computers. On the other hand, it cheers me to know that when the cyber borg takes over civilization and threatens to turn us all into slaves, I can take it down, single handedly, with my iced tea.

  3. Oh, and not to be a pain, I think that burnt offerings are generally made on an altar, not an alter.

  4. Why didn’t you prep and paint the walls BEFORE having the nice new floor installed? It’s fun being able to splash paint over the doomed old floor. It’s not fun avoiding getting paint on the new floor.

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