Free Resources at the Public Library on Garden Fork Radio

At the risk of becoming the “president of an excuse factory” let’s just say that home remodeling has interfered with podcast guest booking. While there’s no Root Simple podcast this week, should you want to hear me blabbing you can head over to Garden Fork Radio. On the latest episode I talk to host Eric Rochow about my favorite place, the Los Angeles Central Library. In addition to the serendipity that comes from browsing the stacks, libraries also offer many digital resources for free such as: online classes via, magazines, the New York Times, downloadable music, the films of the Criterion Collection via a website called Kanopy and much more. Listen the the Garden Fork Podcast and then ask your local librarian to walk you through the digital resources offered by your library. And if you’re visiting LA, the Central Library is the most handsome building in the city.

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  1. Good luck with the home improvements! I’m sure I’m not the only reader who would love to see photos when you’re done.

    Our outdoor projects have come to a screeching halt because it’s snowing in Vermont – not a lot, (not yet anyway) just enough to make a mess of things and cover all the tools we should have picked up off the ground. We did build a permanent roof over our chicken pen this fall, because for all their cold-hardiness, our chickens do not like snow on their little feet and would spend the entire winter indoors, looking wistfully out the coop windows, if we didn’t snow-proof their pen.

  2. I also love Hoopla Digital. Our library also uses Over Drive but I feel like I can get books easier on Hoopla–less waiting.

    The other thing I like about our library is there is also a Friends of the Library section where they put extra books or out of circulation books and magazines that you can buy for various donation prices. I pick up kids books for my son there all the time and get magazines from time to time. Worth skimming!

    Speaking of Lynda, I do know that some libraries also offer access, too.

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