Glazed and Confused

A request came in to see the progress in my window glazing putty application efforts. So, at the risk of both glazing narcissism and the dullest imaginable blog post in the history of the interwebs, please note the first window I attempted on the left and the last window on the right. I attribute the progress entirely to Eric of Garden Fork‘s useful how-to videos on glazing putty application (video 1 and video 2).

I’m left with two glazing putty inspired philosophical questions:

  • YouTube can be simultaneously useful and dangerously distracting. How can you use the internet productively without losing hours to cat videos?
  • How do you retain a skill like window glazing putty application when you don’t do it often?

Alas, there is likely no definitive answer to these questions. But, as one things leads to another, please know that I will continue to explain the mysteries of old window repair and replacement. Stay tuned.


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  1. Wow, what an improvement!

    One small point, and I am NOT an expert on this. Is it not best to prime raw wood – preferably with an oil-based primer – before applying the putty? I seem to remember that, if you don’t do this, the wood soaks up the oil from the putty, leading to premature drying and early failure.

  2. I grew up with an “old school” paint contracting Father. He always prepped the old wood by sanding and cleaning and priming, before glazing. In the case of new wood, he primed the raw wood first before glazing (back then it was always oil-based primer). And, you should lap some of the primer onto the window itself for the glazing to properly adhere. The results last longer….

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