Jerry Seinfeld on Things

“All things on earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage. Your home is a garbage processing center where you buy new things, bring them into your house and slowly crapify them over time.”

Thank you Doug Harvey for tipping me off to this gem.

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  1. My friend had a nice suede-like cloth jacket with a zipper in it. He went to help a friend with some sort of big vehicle, slid out and ripped the zipper out and got grease on it. He told me how he ruined an expensive coat and was going to throw it away. I convinced him to let me see it first. He assured me it was ruined. Well, I took LOC and scrubbed the grease out, took it to a cleaner’s with the proper zipper. For a $4 zipper and $6 repair, he had a new coat. Of course, he was amazed and reimbursed me.

    One tip: If you need to sew up a seam that is coming apart, sew up all the seams because another will come loose soon. Of course, some seams cannot be sewn all the way, so just sew as far as you can.

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