Federico Tobon’s Handcrafted Password Generator


Federico Tobon is one of my favorite artist-makers. He was a guest on episode 8 of the Opposable Thumbs podcast, a show which issues a creative challenge for their guests to complete. Federico had to tackle the topic of “crafting security.” His response was to make this beautiful wooden object that, when manipulated, generates strong, multilingual passwords.

Federico’s inspiration was an xlcd comic that has some excellent password security advice:


On the podcast and his blog, Federico describes how he made a clever jig to cut the pieces on a table saw (without loosing any fingers!). He turned an old dysfunctional 3d printer into a laser etching device to engrave the words.

You can see Federico’s art and projects on his website Wolf Cat Workshop.


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    • We’ve long admired your work–I found your interview on the podcast really inspiring. I can’t stop thinking about jigs.

  1. I wish I understood this–but it’s way over my head. I guess I would need one-on-one instruction.

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