104 Erin Schanen the Impatient Gardener

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On the podcast this week we talk to garden blogger Erin Schanen, the Impatient Gardener. Erin lives in a small cottage in Southeastern Wisconsin. During the show we discuss some of Erin’s recent blog posts and other subjects including:

Websites: The Impatient Gardener, Impatient Gardener on Facebook and Instagram, @impatientgarden on Twitter. Special thanks to Eric of Garden Fork for introducing me to Erin!

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  1. yes, someone to commiserate about deer. They would be problematic from time to time but my neighbor has decided to start feeding one of the herds in our neighborhood and thus they come over to supplement on our garden. We’ve done similar methods as Erin has, the egg/pepper combo, and sometimes just spraying fish emulsion works but yes, you must reapply frequently. We’ve done the predator urine—doesn’t work all that well. Interested to try the product she mentioned, too.

    Our veg garden is completely fenced in. They have been known to eat whatever vining plant might be growing on the side, so you can’t even be creative and use the sides for vines sometimes. The flower garden is left up to the whims of the deer but anything related to hibiscus is a delicacy.

    Great episode! Also loved the talk about soils!

  2. another nice podcast and nice interview, thanks! Cool to hear from a local (I live in SE WI too) –but as a city-dweller, I can and will commiserate with you, Eric, about squirrels’ vile behavior.
    In terms of garden damage, what is the analog to deer in less urban parts of CA?

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