Epic Homesteading Fiascos

Kudos to Eric of Garden Fork for keeping the cameras rolling after this disaster. I think I would have been too dispirited to hit record.

It’s particularly frustrating when months of work end in one catastrophic moment. In terms of personal disasters, skunks tearing through our salad beds comes to mind, as well as ruining three five gallon batches of home brewed beer one after the other.

These sorts of disasters can be a lesson, particularly if you have the courage, as Eric does, to share them publicly. And, as our guest on the podcast this week Guy Frenkel pointed out, if you’re letting mistakes get you down it means your ego is in the way of the risk taking that’s essential to any creative endeavor.

What’s your worst fiasco?

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  1. I’m guessing my husband’s grandpa has experienced something similar to this in his 89 years, as he has created a trailer with the barrel on its side and a funnel in the top to pour the sap into.

  2. I could see that one coming as soon as he took off in the little tractor/cart thing… only because I have had a few incidents with un-balanced heavy items in wagons or wheelbarrows (including children in wagons… no one hurt luckily). What a wonderful example of teaching by letting others see the results of our miscalculations! thanks for sharing.

  3. My biggest fiasco? Trying, unsuccessfully, to grow various plants in our very shady yard with terrible soil. No amount of soil amendment or learned choice of plant worked. So, after spending hundreds of dollars & many years/hours, we finally chose some lovely moss-covered boulders & had them delivered. Maintenance & disappointment free!

  4. Not being attentive to a burgeoning whitefly infestation that started in my greenhouse and spread outside to my tomato plants. The tomato plants then contracted Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus. The County Agent explained that the virus is carried by whiteflies. No tomatoes that year.

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked out the “worst” fiascos, though I am sure they will soon come to mind.

    I have had many, many smaller fiascos in the kitchen. Things ruined. Just general disaster. Sadness.

  6. Growing mint near tomatoes and cucumbers. The latter were ruined by the white flies that the former attracted.

  7. My worst fiasco was the year I decided to breed all the doe goats at the same time. So the kids could play together! So cute! Even though I knew 4 of the 5 weren’t very productive milk-wise. And then a massive drought happened. So next I was buying increasing expensive (and hard to find) hay for 17 goats. So there was lots of “What was I thinking!” going on for years. And I’m finally at the place where I can think-lots and lots of thinking!-about getting more goats.

  8. I really admire his attitude. the beautiful landscape might help – hills that are actually hills, instead of old landfills which is the case around here in flyover country.

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