Saturday Tweets: Two Weeks of Tweets for the Price of One

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  1. Hmmmmmm…..As I recall, it DID snow at least once in the LA area after 1962. I was going to elementary school in Duarte in 1968 (sorry, showing my age here but it is what it is) when it snowed. It wasn’t enough snow to stick but absolutely was enough to stop classes because nearly all of the kids and the teachers, too, rushed outside spontaneously to experience Actual Snow. Most of them had never seen it before. One of the other students and I had lived in the northern US so we certainly had seen it–instead we stood at the windows and sang White Christmas. It was very memorable.

  2. re: delivering baby in car, do yourself a favor and check out illustration on page 2 of article by author’s 6 year old. hilarious.

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