Kelly Update and a Great Podcast


Time to get back to blogging! But first an update on Kelly. It’s been exactly two weeks now since the doctors, nurses and staff of Kaiser Permanente’s Los Angeles Medical Center saved Kelly’s life. Kelly is back at home and, according to her new cardiologist, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever suffer another aortic dissection. Right now she’s spending a quiet six weeks recovering from the ordeal of open heart surgery. She thanks all of you for your kind comments, as well as our local friends who dropped off food and took care of us. When she’s feeling better Kelly wants to say something on the blog but right now she’s got to rest.

I’m also not quite up for the usual blogging just yet, but I did want to note a really nice podcast I heard recently that I’ve been thinking a lot about as I take care of Kelly. It’s an episode of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ideas with Paul Kennedy called “It’s the Economists Stupid.” The show features two outside of the mainstream economists, Dr. Julie Nelson author of Economics for Humans and Richard Denniss, author of Affluenza, When Too Much is Never Enough. One of the topics in the show is how many of the domestic arts this blog focuses on do not get counted by economists. All that cooking, cleaning, gardening, child and elder care count not one bit towards the sorts of calculations economists obsess over such as gross domestic product and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This is particularly unfair to women who tend to be more responsible for what happens in the home. And let’s not even get into the ethical difficulties of placing a dollar value on human beings. It’s a great show that I think everyone should listen to.

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  1. We really, really, really appreciate that you are keeping us up to date on Kelly! You two are part of my daily ritual and it felt so empty without you two. Tell Kelly to get lots of rest and that we will look forward to her wise words of insight when she is ready. Blessings to you both.
    Namasté, MG

  2. Oh my gosh! On Nov 26th my powerport failed and I have not had a computer until today. So Kelly’s health problem is just now news to me. I am so glad she is better.

  3. Does anyone know if there’s a way to download the podcast so that I can listen to it while I commute, when I don’t have Internet connection?
    Thanks for the link BTW 🙂

    • Hi Gi,
      At the very end of the blog posts that contain our podcasts (such as this one) you will find a sentence “A downloadable version of this podcast is here.” Right click on “here” and you can download the podcast. That’s one way to do it. Another way is to subscribe in the iTunes store and, using the setting in your podcast app, have the podcast downloaded. Let me know if you have any more questions. And, thanks to Eric Rochow of the Garden Fork podcast, I will be starting up the our podcast again soon.

  4. Hi, Erik. So, I took a couple months off from the blogs–come back to catch up with my “blog friends” and good heavens!!! I am so thankful that Kelly is on the mend. What a shock for all of you!! Thank heavens for good timing, good medical professionals, good friends, and good insurance. May the healing and caregiving continue well. You are both remarkable people and will be in my thoughts.

    Also, this dovetails nicely with my recent revelation about how dang interesting economic really are. I had seriously underestimated that field. Thanks for the link.

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