Josey Baker whole / wild / wet / slow / bold

The bread nerd club I co-founded, the Los Angeles Bread Bakers, brought Josey Baker down to LA to teach a class. Now you can watch a version that very same class via Youtube for freeeeeee. I’m a huge fan of his method and his book Josey Baker Bread. If you’re interested in making your own bread skip the Netflix tonight and get whole, wild, wet, slow and bold.

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  1. I like it, seems very do-able and practical.


    ( I was wondering if Root Simple has blogs about the Los Angeles Aqueduct system, and if you guys know of tours from LA by Angelenos— eg. I know there are Mono Lake tours by folks from Lee Vining and Mammoth—

    I’m more interested in tours or educational forums, led maybe by LA DWP or Angelenos in academia that are familiar with the Eastern Sierras, Long Valley, Owens Basin & Mono Lake situation… Is there a UCLA or USC program much like the UC Merced program that keeps an eye on the Southern Sierra Nevada vis-a-vis climate change?

    sorry, that was a mouthful, but if you guys can point me to the right direction on this, I’d really appreciate it. )

  2. Im starstruck… please, PLEASE ask him to be on the Root Simple podcast! Oh and kindly if he could write another book 🙂

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