The Most Attractive Cargo Bike in the World

While doing an image search about home coffee roasting (I’ll post on that later this week), I stumbled across what I think is the most handsome cargo bike I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the delivery bikes for the Portland based (of course) Trailhead Coffee Roasters. They also seem to have an equally attractive mobile brew bike that you can rent out for events.

Though not as pretty, I’m still very happy with my Xtracycle cargo bike and use it for hardware store runs and to avoid the fistfights that break out over parking at our local Trader Joes.

Do you have a cargo bike? If so, what kind?

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  1. We have a Worksman ‘Newsboy” bicycle and tricycle, between the two of them, they can carry a full grocery store load. These are super heavy duty and we love them. They might be a bit more expensive than some other brand, but I’m happy to pay a little more for something made in America.

  2. That IS nice. Also, I revisited your cargo bike post. You crack me up. And that’s still a dang impressive haul by bicycle.

  3. My first one was a second-hand cargo trike (a rather quirky delta style one, not one of those sleek Danish tadpole ones), but after a year of no-gear peddling and wobbly corners as my kids grew to weigh over 60lbs between them I gratefully upgraded to the fabulous Montacle, Argentina’s only (I think) cargo bike brand, and I lovvvveeee my bike so much that it is almost obscene. It’s a long john style with a canvas sided front carrying area with a padded seat big enough for two kids, rain canopy, 21 gears, and it came in at the equivalent of about USD850 in 6 installments. I added a couple of hefty Banjo Brothers saddlebags and it has replaced the car on 90% of local driving, including the daily school run. I routinely do 15km on it with kids and shopping and life has never been better! Functional exercise, way quicker to get the kids into than a carseat, less parking space, no emissions (well, unless you count my son’s…), the wind in our hair/helmets, easier for us all to talk to each other, a great conversation starter (everyone in the neighborhood knows me because of it), and the list goes on: cargo bikes are a great building block for family and community. And yes, the one in the photo is gorgeous. Regards from Argentina!

  4. I don’t have a cargo bike, but I do use a cargo trailer from Wike that I really love. I bought it several years ago and I think they’ve updated several of its parts, but it can tow 125 lbs I think. I’ve picked up fresh chicken from our chicken subscription on a farm just outside of the suburbs, and even hauled home my fiance’s very happy purchase of a discounted gas grill from Home depot. It attaches and detaches very easily, and is extremely light otherwise. I use it with my folding bike without issue.

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