Spam Poetry Sunday


In lieu of our usual picture Sunday, we offer instead a beautiful word picture from our friends the spammers. Our software blocks thousands of these every day, but some get through and we have to hand prune our comment sections:

We wish to thannk you yett agai ffor the gorgeous ideas you offered Janet
when preparing her own post-graduate research and, most importantly, pertaining to providing masny of the ideas in a blog post.
If we had been aware off your web site a year ago, we would
have been kept from the nonessential measures we wer selecting.
Thank you very much.

What mystifies us is the ultimate purpose of these spam comments. This one was placed on our announcement for our upcoming coffee roasting class (not a popular or highly linked post), and linked to a page for a restaurant which is obviously just a place holder, in that it has no content or history or graphic design. And who the heck is Janet?

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  1. Occasionally, I receive the same perplexing type of comment. Since the writer is obviously not a native speaker, I wonder how many native English speakers the person hopes to influence. Sometimes, it is not clear what the poster wants.

  2. We’ve all had mystery spam sent our way. I have had non-native spam as well. Sometimes without a link. So no link back and the post makes no sense. They must have a lot of time on their hands.


  3. My spam box sometimes give me quite a good chuckle, I must say… And yes, what is the point of it all? Some are quite obviously commercially drive, but what of the rest of them? Its a puzzle, but at least an occasionally humorous one.

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