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  1. A few years ago, I had a patch in a community garden. I spent all summer and fall growing brussels sprouts. When they were finally ready and had been hit by a frost, I went out to harvest them to find they had been picked clean. I get the irritation that went into building a sign.

  2. Worse: the people who think they are mavericks so signs do not pertain to them.

    Every time I have a yard sale, I post signs warning not to park on the grass on the west side of my narrow 600 foot long driveway. Inevitably several daredevils will give it a try anyway, and then everyone else gets stuck waiting while someone with a truck has to tow the “it’s just me” driver out of the mud.

    Wetland = mud. But no one will believe a signpost.

    • They might believe a sign with a collage of photos of all of the towing of the people who ignored your previous signs 😉

  3. I guess it’s the rebel in me, but these types of signs always make me want to do exactly what they are asking me not to, like the anti-dog waste signs on lawns or the snarky slow down signs on busy streets.

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